We have collections from various leading brands, all with fun, stylish, sweet and cool products for babies and kids. Great complements to your store!


Baby Dutch is a traditional Dutch brand for funny, cute or cool quality slippers for the smallest feet! Equipped with a flexible elastic so that the slippers do not not shoot off the feet. And of course made of genuine cow leather with a good anti-slip sole.

Baby's only logo

Baby's Only combines high quality with design and luxury. Traditionally knitted in one of the last knitting factories in the Netherlands. Originated 10 years ago from the fashion world. Now grown into a lifestyle brand for babies with more than 1800 products.

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doddle & co logo

Simplicity. That is the secret. The stylist's teat is designed in such a way that you can easily "pop" the pacifier in and out. Super hygienic. In beautiful soft colors. In addition, a matching line in Chewies.

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Life is a party, but you have to hang the streamers yourself! A wise lesson and a beautiful tradition, which we teach our kids from an early age. Nothing is as beautiful as a festive children's birthday.

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Dit lieve merk in kleding voor jongens en meisjes tot en met 6 jaar. Is lief, is stoer en supperschattig. Met gebruik van zachte stoffen en subtiele prints.

GoBabyGo logo

GoBabyGo is a range of crawling products with non-slip rubber pads on the knees, under the feet and on the toes. The anti-slip design increases your child's stability and strengthens confidence when learning to crawl and walk.

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Grabease logo

Grabease cutlery is one of the safest ways for your little one to learn how to eat. It stimulates the brush grip and strengthens the hand muscles. Due to the choke-protection shield, the cutlery cannot shoot into the throat.

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Incontrol logo

iN ControL mainly focuses on socks and tights / stocking trousers. The Dutch brand is known for its cheerful and solid colors that are reflected in every collection. The collection is made of soft materials with cotton or bamboo qualities.

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Invented4kids logo

Invented4kids develops all products itself and every product has been carefully thought out in detail. Invented4kids has its own workshop in Turkey. The cotton for both products is organically grown. The paper is FSC certified. The products are packed at Pantar, a sheltered workshop in Amsterdam.

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Isoki makes magic happen in the form of a diaper bag. Beautiful and handy at the same time, for moms and dads. The Isoki family is about inspiration, individuality, inclusivity and iconic design. All the way from Australia!

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logo JEP Kids

It is really true what they say: time flies! That is why recording memories is so important. And also so much fun. For parents and for children, for now and for later. JEP! offers an extensive range of modern designed "memory books".

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KDMB logo

KMDB stands for "Kinderen Maken De Baby", i.e. "Clothes Make The Baby". Unique streetwear for tough babies, strong girls and precocious boys. In a wide collection with constantly changing texts and colors.

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Me & Henry logo

Inspired by a bygone era, using great fabrics in a quirky way on classic styles. The collection consists of the best-selling shapes and designs that every little man likes to be seen in.

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Proud MaMa logo

Whether you have just become a mom or are an experienced mom. Working mom or stay-at-home mom. Are you a hip, sexy or trendy mom? Most of all you are a proud mom! Proud of your children and proud of yourself. With the jewelry from Proud MaMa you show that being a mom is beautiful!

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Silly Billyz logo

Silly Billyz bibs were developed by a New Zealand mom. Perfect for newborns and toddlers. By using material, stains can be completely washed out, so your bib will always stay nice and clean. Eat, play or sleep, we've got your covered!

Slipstop logo

As a parent, are you afraid that your child will slip around the edge of the pool? Does your child want to walk on the hot sand? Or do grass, twigs or stones pierce the bare feet? Then here is the slipstop cover! A light, water-repellent, elastic shoe with a non-slip sole, in colorful designs.

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Baby's en peuters brengen het grootste deel van hun tijd op de grond door, maar dit is een ruimte in huis die zo vaak wordt vergeten. Toddlekind, opgericht in Duitsland in 2018, maakt interieurproducten voor kinderen voor gebruik op de vloer die zowel functioneel als mooi zijn.

Vignette logo

Vignette is a brand with romantic cheerful and graceful girl clothes. The inspiration of founder Michelle Briggs has always come from her daughters and a drive to educate them into strong, independent and intelligent women.

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